Flock Coated Furniture

Flock Coated Furniture

If you want to innovate in your home and add an original atmosphere to the spaces, flock coating technology can be a great option for you. The flock coating gives a high-quality touch and a unique feeling when applied to surfaces and makes a big difference in your decoration.

What is a Phlox Coating?

Floxa coating is a coating technique consisting of synthetic fiber that adheres to surfaces with an electric charge. When the surface is covered with a special flocking gun, the fiber is held to the surface by the effect of static electricity. As a result of this process, a hairy and matte texture is formed on the surface.

Flox coating can be applied to many different surfaces. Wood, metal, glass, ceramic and plastic surfaces are among the materials suitable for flock Decking. Flox coating gives surfaces a shiny, matte or fluffy appearance and offers a wide variety of color options.

Flox Coating and Home Decoration

Flox coating is an excellent choice for home decoration. It can be applied to furniture, doors, cabinets and walls. Flox coating adds an original air to your home and creates a modern, striking look. Below you can find some ideas on the use of flox coating for home decoration:

In Flock Coated Furniture
Flox coating gives a unique appearance to your furniture. When the flock coating is applied to the chairs, armchairs, coffee tables and tables, it gives a different touch to your furniture. The flock coating completely changes the appearance of the furniture and helps your home to acquire a modern and contemporary atmosphere.

Flock Coating on Doors and Walls
Your doors and walls play an important role for the decoration of your home. Flock coating is applied to the surfaces of doors and walls, giving your home a more modern and aesthetic appearance. Flock coating is applied to doors, cabinets and walls, providing a great touch for the decoration of your home.

In Flock Coating Decoration Products
Flox coating is one of the best technologies that can be used in decoration products. When applied to accessories, lamps, trinkets and other decoration products, it helps your home to gain a modern and original atmosphere. Flox coating is used in the construction of many accessories and decorative products designed for home decoration. Among these products there are many options, such as lamps, candle holders, Decanters, vases, paintings and frames.

In the Flock Coating Cabinets
When flox coating is applied to the surfaces of your cabinets, it adds a unique atmosphere to your cabinets. Flox coating helps to hide scratches and stains on the outer surface of cabinets and gives a new look to your cabinets. In addition, it can also be applied to the interiors of cabinets, so that the inner surfaces of cabinets become more durable and easy to clean.

In Flock Coating Wall Panels
When flox coating is used on wall panels, it helps the walls to get a modern look. When flock coating is applied to the surfaces of wall panels, it changes the texture and color of the panels. Thanks to this, the wall panels become more interesting and impressive and add a unique October touch to the decoration of your home.


Flox coating is a great option for home decoration. When applied to furniture, doors, cabinets, walls and decoration products, it is a great way to add a unique atmosphere to your home. The flock coating gives the surfaces a unique touch and a modern appearance, while at the same time increasing the durability of the surfaces. Floks coating adapts to all kinds of decoration styles with color and texture options. Therefore, by using a flock coating in your home, you can make yourself and your home unique.